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eFleetAdmin covers all operational process automation for the fleet owners. It is a secured web based application that can be accessible from anywhere in the world.

Managing Fleet business is tough because of its complex business processes. One has to deal with hours of paper work, long lines of secretaries, clerks, accountants and heaps of ledgers and books. In addition to that, you have to deal with the daily, monthly & annual paper reports. Even after all these processes setup and assigned people to each tasks, errors and miscalculations do occur and have been accepted as a business norm paying a huge penalty due to non-availability of a complete solution.

eFleetAdmin is a comprehensive solution tailor made and designed to eliminate various hassles faced by the fleet industry. It solves the issues faced in the industry by streamlining the processes and provides tools to manage the business more efficiently.

Fleet Owners problems;

▪ Comparing fuel mileage between vehicle/drivers
▪ Tyre stock tracking and finding a suitable pattern for their operation
▪ Driver Settlement, BATTA calculation and Comparing wayside expenses between drivers
▪ Getting a vehicle Income Vs Expenses for analyzing to grow their business
▪ Analyzing the vehicles for maintenance
▪ Knowing the Inventory items stock cost
▪ Multiple entry of capturing the same data in different places
▪ Customer Receivables and vendor payables tracking

eFleetAdmin Offerings to fleet owners;

▪ User wise access control
▪ Cost analysis for Fuel, Tyre & spares used in the vehicles
▪ Stock of items available in the store
▪ Fuel mileage comparison analysis
▪ Income & Expense for a selected vehicles
▪ P&L, Trial balance sheet for the company
▪ Wayside expense comparison
▪ Tally Integration for Tax return perspective

Targetted Fleet sectors;

▪ Oil & LPG Tanker
▪ Trailers
▪ Open & Closed Body (Bulk carriers, Parcel services)
▪ Tippers (Contruction & Mining Sectors)
▪ Buses and Travels

eFleetAdmin Technology Platform;

▪ Windows O/S Platform
▪ .NET Framework
▪ Browser compatibility with Internet Explorer
▪ Browser compatibility with Mozilla (Fire Fox)