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Does eFleetAdmin have the feature of user access control for performing the activities in the fleet operation?
    • Yes, eFA has the feature of user based access control.
    • For example: If a user performs only Vehicle and Tyre related activities, he/she can be assigned to the roles of Vehicle Admin and Tyre Admin. When this user logs in, he/she may have access only to the Vehicle and Tyre related features.

Does eFleetAdmin support multiple sector (like Bulker, Trailer, Open body etc) fleet operation?
    • Yes, eFA supports multiple sectors for each fleet company.

What is the difference between SAAS and Intranet model?
    • Software As A Service(SAAS) model:
      eFleetAdmin application will be hosted on an internet hosting site. Fleet owners need to have only a computer and an Internet connection to access eFleetAdmin application. eFA can be accessed from any where through internet
    • Intranet model:
      eFleetAdmin application will be installed in a server within fleet owners network. eFA will be accessed only within the office network and it cannot be accessed outside the office network.

Does eFleetAdmin interface with Tally ® accounting software?
    • Yes. eFA provides an interface to Tally®. The transactions can be exported from eFA and imported into Tally

Does eFleetAdmin cover the fleet routine maintenance and spare parts inventory?
    • Yes. eFA covers the routine maintenance and spare parts inventory control. It is also tightly integrated to know the vehicle performance analysis.

What benefits does a Fleet Owner get by using eFleetAdmin application?
    • eFleetAdmin is a web based user friendly application. It is designed to integrate with the data entered from one place and is available to all the relative departments
    • Built in work flows verifies tasks that are done by each staff in each department
    • Vehicle, Driver and Tyre performances are analysed very easily
    • Reports can be generated with a click of a button

Does eFleetAdmin provide any customization flexibility based on fleet owner requirement?
    • Yes. eFA has the flexibility for customisation based on the customer specific requirements. Customisation may incur extra cost.

How can I request for a demo of eFleetAdmin application?
    • Please submit your request through our "Request for Demo" right side of each page. Our sales representative will call you and schedule a demo with you.

How do I get connected with eFleetAdmin team to know more details about the eFleetAdmin?
    • Please submit your request through our "Contact Us - Feedback form". Our sales representative will follow up with you immediately.

How does eFleetAdmin support the customers in case of any clarifications while entering the data?
    • eFA has a dedicated team for support. Customers can contact them for any clarifications. Contact details shall be provided after completing the sign off procedure.

What is the process to get the eFleetAdmin application implemented to the fleet owners?
    • We have different package options to meet your process. In order to provide effective solutions, please Contact Us

How do I get a proposal for the eFleetAdmin application?
    • Please submit your request through our "Contact Us - Feedback form". Our sales representative will follow up with you immediately.

What are the pricing models available for eFleetAdmin?
    • The charges vary based on number of fleets.
    • Also depends on what model you are interested in - SaaS or Intranet
    • In order to provide a very effective solution, please Contact us.