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eFleetAdmin covers all operational process automation for the fleet owners. It is a secured web based application that can be accessible from anywhere in the world.

Managing Fleet business is tough because of its complex business processes. One has to deal with hours of paper work, long lines of secretaries, clerks, accountants and heaps of ledgers and books. In addition to that, you have to deal with the daily, monthly & annual paper reports. Even after all these processes setup and assigned people to each tasks, errors and miscalculations do occur and have been accepted as a business norm paying a huge penalty due to non-availability of a complete solution.

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“We take this opportunity to appreciate your product with full and detailed feature of eFleetAdmin software for the Transport Industry to handle complete office papers, right from the assets handling & operations, Customer relations, till the preparation of B/L at ease and as I required AUTOMATICALLY Operations & we were able to support our clients at 24X7.
With their always "YES" attitude towards the clients requirement, Winstrata team makes the complete package for our company IT support.
The eFleetAdmin, is offcourse value for money & ROI is much lower period than other products available in the market. The patience is required to see the end results to make any decision pertaining to the profitability on individual tankers or employees or tanker maintenance/tyre expenses. We wish WinStrata Great Success Ahead!”

- Director, Aditya Bulk Carriers